Evidence base

The Evidence Base wheel is composed of the core frameworks, research results and principles which support and define why Red Cross and Red Crescent and our community health model is effective.

The Evidence Base is composed of three levels. The inner level is focused on our most valuable assets – our volunteer base. The Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers are recruited, developed and motivated by the core aspects of what makes for a volunteer regardless of context.

At our center, we focus on volunteers where we expect to recruit and train our volunteers in basic tenets and tools of the Rec Cross and Red Crescent. Our middle level of the Evidence Base Wheel reflects health promotion-based global charters, plans of action, frameworks from partners such as WHO as well as two integral IFRC documents.

Our outer wheel reflects active outreach evidence, currently including the Helsinki Statement on Health in all policies and the CHW reference Guide.

Share your eCBHFA evaluation data and report by sending materials to nancy.claxton@ifrc.org. Data may consist of raw quantitative and qualitative data including interview transcripts, maps, volunteer records, health data, etc.

When submitting, specify as much of the following information as possible:
 Format of data, HNS where data originates, NSs involved in data collection, method of data, IF the data is available to share OR only available for use in a meta-evaluation.

Nancy will follow up with you regarding how the data may be used and discuss next steps.